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Large Office Shredders

Large Office Paper Shredders from delivered throughout Ireland

In business, time is money. Some of the primary goals of any business are to increase efficiency and optimise performance. Like many other products for businesses, shredders have evolved to enable people to do more, and to do it faster. Our range of large office shredders contain some of the most innovative features to ensure improved business performance. For example, the top of the range HSM Securio has a CD cutting feature as well as an Economic Energy Management System (EEMS).


Choosing a large shredder for your office takes careful consideration and there are a number of factors to contemplate. As with all shredders there will be the question of whether you want to use a cross-cut or a strip-cut style. This is a simple question of whether you would prefer your paper to be shredded into tiny pieces of confetti or shredded into strips.


The performance spec that you choose will be dependent on the amount of paper used in the office and the speed at which you want the work completed.

• Speed of a shredder refers to the number of sheets that you can feed through the shredder one after another.

• Feeder capacity of shredders refers to the number of sheets that can be shredded at once, and the size of the bin where the paper accumulates.

• Run time denotes the amount of paper that you can feed through the shredder before it needs a cool down time. The length of the cool down time is another point to take into consideration.


Larger offices generally tend to require a shredder that has a long run time due to the quantity of paper that they have to dispose of. However, each situation can be different and it is worth analysing paper usage and spec requirements before purchasing.


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  1. Rexel Auto+ 750X Shredder 2103750 - Large Office Shredders Ireland

    Rexel Auto+ 750X Shredder

    (€2,818.53 incl. VAT)

    REXEL REXEL AUTO+ 750X SHREDDER 2103750 Learn More
Total: 1 Items |
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