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Paper Shredders from delivered throughout Ireland are proud to be the leading supplier of paper shredders for office and personal use in Ireland. Our market leading position has been achieved by focusing on the needs of our clients. By extending our range from large office shredders to personal shredders, we have ensured that all levels of security and performance are catered for.


Data protection is a term that has increased in use over the last number of years. The importance of protecting information, whether it is the intellectual property of a business or personal banking details, is vital. Understanding the security needs of your business or that of your household is an important starting point when choosing a shredder. Typically, a cross-cutting style of shredder (also known as confetti cut) provides more security than that of a basic strip cutting shredder, due to the end result. The majority of paper shredders use the S standard in order to indicate their level of security. S 1 would denote the least security, while S 6 should be used when disposing of top secret information. In general, a security level of DIN 2 and 3 is sufficient for the majority of businesses and are the most frequently used.


We are committed to providing some of the most innovative and recognised brands in paper shredding in order to guarantee maximum quality from the product, and satisfaction from our clients. Brands such as HSM and Fellowes combine the very latest features in paper shredders, with user-friendliness, to ensure that efficiency is not compromised. Browse our comprehensive range to find a shredder that meets with your requirements.

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